Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lathe tool storage - finished for now

So here is the current state of affairs. It stores both chucks, the jumbo jaws, the various live and dead centers, tool rests, and calipers. The tool rack above has been modified for storage of a knockout bar and extra-thin cutoff tool. I have more tools on the way, so the storage will need to be expanded soon. I'm adding a special place for the drill chuck and a few bits. I also want to make a proper depth drill.


Anonymous said...

Nice, Mike, and a good example for me. Do the tool holders for the centers, rests and so forth have detents so they can't be inadvertently knocked off the board? I see the chucks do. Something you might consider, as the lathe tools are so protected.

Old Shoe.

Metalworker Mike said...

The tool holders are all shaker pegs, so they have a 'head' on them that keep things from sliding off. The pegs holding the rests are actually mug pegs that have an extra set of detents, so that two rests can hang on the pegs and they don't touch each other. Something I should have mentioned is the object below the Stronghold chuck at the top right of the peg board. I cut a square piece of 2x4 and hollowed it out on the lathe in the manner of the world's ugliest square bowl, then I ripped one face off and glued the cut face to the peg board. This gives me a 'mounted bowl' to store the little screws in that hold the jaws on the chuck.
The centers just drop into 11/16" holes in a bit of pine, so they can't go anywhere - they have to be lifted out.