Saturday, May 2, 2009

Experimental Rack is finished. For now.

Yes, this rack is done. Sort of. I mean, I finished cobbling it together, and it works, but it needs some tweaking. The bottom rail needs to be moved up a bit to give the chisels a bit more force inwards, for one thing.

Additionally, the 5/8" bowl gouge (second from the right) actually touches the wall when it's in the rack. This is sub-optimal. Another obvious issue is the little 1/4" spindle gouge, which looks ready to fall right out of the rack, though in actuality it's probably more solidly placed than any of the others. I think I'll make a couple of 'bushings' to adapt individual pockets for the two tools that don't fit right, then it should be golden.

This, of course, is only the first of a series of storage devices that will be required for the lathe. I need to store tool rests, chucks, centers, and all manner of goodies. Can't wait. :)


Anonymous said...

Mike - I am watching your experiment with the lathe rack with interest. I am using a plywood box I built a year or two ago - the box is divided into grids in which each lathe tool sits (working end up, which makes it imperative to actually look at the rack when I am reaching for a tool!). I don't have the wall space for a rack like yours. But it occured to me that perhaps a swing out rack like yours might work if I set it up in front of the lathe and hinged to swing open to one side when at the lathe. Keep up the good work and the blog - it is interesting reading! Pete

Metalworker Mike said...

There is another form of turning tool rack that might work for you. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I will add another blog entry showing the style of rack in question.