Thursday, August 6, 2009

Finish Repair Project

I've got this piece of furniture that came to me from a relative. It's got good bones, is structurally sound, and I like the lines of it. It's solid oak. The finish, however, is the pits.
I haven't quite decided what kind of table this is supposed to be. The size is right for a sofa table, but it's symmetrical front to back and doesn't sit flat against a wall or other surface, so while it probably would be okay for a sofa table, it wouldn't do for a side table. The openings in the top are to accept glass panels, which I have. I'm not even sure what style I'd call it. At first glance I thought the legs had a sort of 'Queen Anne' look, but the feet go the wrong way. Does anyone here know what style this would be considered?

Anyway, this project is a departure for me, so I'll probably be posting a lot about it. I'm hoping that I get a sense of accomplishment from restoring it, as it is 'frat-house grade' furniture, right now. Regardless of the outcome, I'm looking forward to getting some practice with scrapers and finishing.

The general approach will be to remove the tattered remnants of the original finish, steam out any dents, fill any remaining gouges, decide on a new finish, and apply it. I had considered repairing the existing finish, but decided against it. It's pretty rough, and some of the bare patches are pretty big, and in very, very visible locations.

Oh, and below are a couple of detail shots of some of the damage on this piece of furniture.

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