Saturday, August 23, 2008


It has been a little while, gentle readers, but I have crawled back up on the wagon and I'm hanging on with grim determination.
In the past little while I've been on a bit of a buying spree, having picked up the new Veritas rabbet trimming plane, as well as all three of their 'normal' spokeshaves, the missing sizes from my mortising chisel collection, spoon bits, beading cutters, and I have the new skew rabbeting planes (the pair) on order, though they aren't actually available yet. Curses! From Robert Sorby came a 90 degree chisel for those pesky mortise corners, and a 1-1/2" paring chisel, which is a glorious piece of work. I am liking this chisel. I'm going to buy the other sizes in a few weeks. The bevelled edges are nice and thin for those tight dovetail corners, and the blades are loooooong and easy to control.
A bit of good news is that I heard from Ed in Oakville at Medallion Tools and I should have my two new back-saws in a couple of weeks. Sweet.
Now I just have to do something with all of this stuff. Or do I? Am I allowed to acquire and amass these tools and do nothing particularly 'important' with them? It's an interesting question.
Still, I would prefer that I was doing more with them than I am, so I will endeavour to do so. More on this later.

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The Village Carpenter said...

Who says men don't like to shop? ; )

Enjoy your new toys, even if you just admire them in non-use.