Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A plethora of Woodworking Books!

In the last two days I have received in the mail:
"Ancient Carpenter's Tools" by Henry C. Mercer
"Illustrated Cabinetmaking" by Bill Hylton
"Hand Tools" by Aldren A. Watson
"Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking" all three books including
"Shaping, Veneering, Finishing"
"Identifying Wood" by R. Bruce Hoadley
"Understanding Wood" by R. Bruce Hoadley
"Pleasant Hill Shaker Furniture" by Kerry Pierce

I read the book on Shaker Furniture last night (most of it) and today I'll be starting on "Ancient Carpenter's Tools." Sweet.


The Village Carpenter said...

Nice selection, Mike! Aldren Watson has another book you might enjoy: Country Furniture. It's one of my favorites. He talks a lot about jigs and joinery.

So many good woodworking books, so little time....

Metalworker Mike said...

I am totally loving Watson's book, and I'm also loving "Illustrated Cabinetmaking."
I'll look hard for "Country Furniture". Hmm... not available through Lee Valley... Aha! I can get it through Chapters/Indigo. Cheap, too.
It drives me nuts when people tell me about great books that are out of print "but you should be able to find it used for $20" and then I go looking and the cheapest dog-eared paperback on the list is $240. Grrrr....
I like country furniture, so I'm looking forward to this book. Thanks for the heads-up!


cab938 said...

I was a bit disappointed in Hylton's Illustrated Cabinetmaking. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't what I was looking for (which was actually cabinet making, and not general furniture...)

Metalworker Mike said...

I think "Illustrated Cabinetmaking" covers a lot of ground. No, it doesn't get into the 'nuts and bolts' of it, but the description that I liked of the book was that it was the "Gray's Anatomy" of cabinetmaking, and I thought that was quite apt. It gave you information about how things have been done, but not necessarily the actual manual skills required to do them.


Anonymous said...

Get your hands on any of Charles H. Hayward books. There really good and will put anyone on the right track.

Metalworker Mike said...

The only current book I can find by Charles Hayward is "Beginning Woodcarving". I'll keep looking.